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Konjak, high density chitosan, dietary fibre, spirulina platensis, protein isolate. Based on the theories of health preservation in a traditional diet, the Fohow Healthcare Institute for Health Preservation has developed FOHOW GAOQIAN by taking advantage of advanced ‘chelate‘ technology. FOHOW GAOQIAN combines the effects of Qing and Bu and is full of nutrients, hence useful to maintain health. A major ingredient, konjak, is a traditional food with a small quantity of heat and a high content of fibre. It possesses the excellent properties of reducing the content of blood lipids, glucose and cholesterol, removing toxicity during detumescence, preventing the growth of bacteria, resolving phlegm and eliminating bruising. High density chitosan is the “sixth necessary element for life” only after proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and mineral substances. Spirulina platensis is a plant belonging to the category of blue-green algae and is a naturally occurring health food with the largest number of nutrients. Protein isolate, extracted from naturally growing plants, is very close in composition to amino acids, the essential substances for the working of the human body. It also contains a natural vegetable protein which is easy for the body to absorb. By providing beneficial nutrients, FOHOW GAOQIAN can deliver increased energy to the body and, at the same time, its high-fibre components cleanse oil and fat from the intestinal canal and delay the absorption of sugar. This enables people to keep healthy while enjoying delicious food. All in all, FOHOW GAOQIAN has the advantageous effects of reducing blood lipids and glucose, suppressing hunger to help reduce weight, loosening the bowel to relieve constipation and expelling toxins.


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