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R & D Team

R&D Base of Product Development ——

The Fohow Healthcare Institute


The Fohow Healthcare Institute is located in Zhuhai City, China. Tens of renowned experts in fields such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, biology and process engineering bring their refined skills together here to form a world-class R&D team. The Institute consists of three large centres for R&D, inspection and testing, and trial-manufacture, all in long term co-operation with a variety of key universities and scientific research institutions. This extensive R&D power ensures the most advanced technology and latest scientific knowledge is employed, laying a solid foundation for manufacturing world-class Fohow products.


Tang Youzhi

Professor Tang Youzhi is a world-renowned expert in traditional Chinese medicine. He has published four major works in this field, laying a solid foundation for modern Chinese healthcare science. He is referred to as the founder of modern healthcare science of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Having served as chief physician for the former Chairman of China, Mao Zedong, and conducted healthcare and treatment for several Heads of State, Professor Tang Youzhi has the reputation of a “modern imperial physician”, enjoying exceptional prestige in the world. At present he serves as the President of the Fohow Healthcare Institute, as well as Honorary President of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.


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